Combating Anxiety with Story Telling

Love this post by friend and fellow blogger Kelly joiner!

Behind Pained Faces

I’ve inherited a lot of things from my family. One of them being: claustrophobia. Yep, I definitely had to stop the “Finding Nemo” submarine ride at Disneyland because I literally felt like I was drowning. Sitting in a large spacious room with the doors open, watching Nemo on a tiny television screen while all my friends laughed at me, never felt so freeing.

I experience many of the same anxieties in every day life. Sometimes I feel trapped by my own calendar. How foolish of me to plan so many meetings in one day, but now it’s on my calendar, there’s no escaping! Or I feel trapped by all the needs of people around me. They want too many things from me and I can’t deliver. Driving on the 405…well, enough said there. And I frequently speak of Fibromyalgia as claustrophobic. I can’t escape the pain of my own body. And as I look at the unravelling of…

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One thought on “Combating Anxiety with Story Telling

  1. Denise LaChance November 17, 2015 / 8:23 am

    Good one! Thanks for posting Ingrid! Thanks for writing, Kelly!

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