Hi! I’m Ingrid. Welcome to I Sing My Soul.

I started this blog in 2013 when I moved from Los Angeles, California to Izmir, Turkey. It has become a space to share my personal reflections, poetry and other creative endeavors. I love Jesus, and I write a lot about journeying through life with Him in the ups and downs.

I renamed my blog I Sing My Soul in April 2016 after a poem I wrote by the same name in 2013 before moving to Turkey:

I sing my soul into being,

cracking my voice with the strain,

as if by forcing more air

out of my lungs

into the world,

that part of me

that needs to create,

that thrums with life,

will finally, for once, be heard.

I sing my soul into being,

closing my eyes,

the mystery within rises up:

I surrender.

That’s what I feel I am doing when I write poetry – I’m singing my soul into being.  I hope that when you visit, you can be encouraged and reminded that you are not alone in your journey. Also, please link and share poetry or other work you’re putting out there. I believe in making space for co-creation.

When I’m not writing, I’m working as a life coach and English instructor with university students in Izmir. I also love crochet, daily dark roast coffee, healthy cooking (mostly so I can eat ice cream), my two cats Fred & George, and my golden retriever Luna.