This is no fragile knot tied with my own fumbling fingers.
If it was we’d be done and I’d be gone,
Pulled under by the crushing weight of this ever-surrounding darkness.
I am tormented day and night
Until my soul sickens and my will weakens.
I doubt you, doubt us, doubt the me in us,
Afraid of crossing impossible lines.
But you.
You are.
And in your eyes, I am, too.
I am yours.
You chose me.
You said, “That one there, she’s mine. I choose her.”
Your words blazed brilliancy into utter black nothingness.
Your words summoned life from loose earth that lay useless.
You. Do not. Misspeak.
Your words are your will,
You create, you call,
You claimed me.
You did not misspeak.
I am your own.
I’ll never know it the way you do
But I take you now,
At your word.
Come what may there’s no changing it,
Though my spirit fails and my soul darkens
I shall always belong to you.